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Monday, June 8, 2015


Hacksaw Ridge Quiz for Git Certificate.
$40 Gift Certificate...
toward the purchase of the StoryCraft Training Package when you answer this two part question correctly:  "In HACKSAW RIDGE, is Desmond Doss: (A) A Hero or a Protagonist; and (B) When is his main plot's Moment of Grace?  

For an extra $10 Certificate, answer this: (C) What moral value does Desmond Doss struggle with just before his main plot's Moment of Grace? 

You'll find hints to the answer of part A at this blog posting: Hero vs. Protagonist.

This offer is good until I revoke it (which could be at any time). That should give you time to study other blog postings or even read The Moral Premise book

Send your answer via email to STAN [at] MORALPREMISE.COM



TEN (10) EPISODES have been posted.


  • You will be excited from the very beginning to write your story.
  • You'll know exactly where you're going and how you're going to get there.
  • You'll have the freedom to let your character's wander WITH PURPOSE and direction.
  • You will totally avoid writer's block. 
  • You will not waste your time writing a great scene that has nothing to do with the story.
  • Your first draft will write itself in a faction of the time without using this information.
  • Your rewrites will be focused—you'll know exactly what you need to fix.
  • You'll give your audience an even-paced, emotional roller coaster ride.
  • You'll be excited for your audience and be able to see through their eyes.
  • Your story will have meaning and purpose and make life better for your audience.
  • Your story will have no dull or slow middle. 
  • Every scene you write will have a beginning, middle, and end thick with plot and tension.
  • You will be in control, but your characters will surprise you.
  • Serendipity will be wonderfully common place.


You can rent or buy any of the ten or the entire package, available at the bottom of this page. Links to and titles of each are listed at right. The total play time is nearly 7 hours—the equivalent of content delivered in a 2-day live workshop. The material here is more condensed due to the elimination of live workshop Q&A, breaks, presenter's sidebar comments, stories and amnesia. I've cut out most of the amnesia parts.
COST COMPARISON: You can rent individual episodes for 30-days for as little as $3.99. Or you can purchase all and download them for less than $130. Compared to a 2-day, $500 workshop, (plus travel expenses), this is a 75% savings, plus you'll have 24/7 access to the material, in a condensed form.

HIGH DEFINITION: To watch videos in HD click the HD logo at the bottom right of the player. There's also a FULL SCREEN icon to the right for full screen images. Both the HD and the FULL SCREEN selections will require greater bandwidth All the videos were uploaded as 720HD.
More information and instructions: READ MORE....

  1. The Storycraft Training episodes are listed on the home page of this blog, plus in the Episode and Topic List at the order from elementary to advanced. 
  2. Click on the Episode Title of your choice. The Package of all 10 is the best deal.
  3. Click on the PLAY TRAILER graphic. You'll be taken to the VOD Vimeo page for that episode. 
  4. On that page you may choose to RENT ALL or BUY ALL the videos associated with the particular episode with buttons at the right, half-way down. (BTW: RENT ALL or BUY ALL pertains ONLY to the videos in the one episode you've accessed. There are currently from 1 to 3 videos per episode.   
  5. You may RENT or BUY INDIVIDUAL videos that are part of an episode. These choices are listed at the bottom left, just above the comments second. In keeping with the Internet's addiction to ISO symbols that are not understood by normal people, the "ticket" icon = RENT, and the "cloud" icon = BUY. 
  6. PROMOTIONAL CODES: If you are a past consulting client of mine, or if you have attended a PAID workshop of mine that cost you $99 or more, write me for a promotional code and please remind me what you paid, where or when. I'll send you a discount code to use.
  7. Episodes that you RENT or BUY are LICENSED to YOU, and YOU ONLY, for your personal use. You may not give them away or sell them, nor let other people use your links and password. If you do, you owe me more money. As such training goes, these are cheap and convenient. But you're right, I'm not going to sue you for cheating me out of $3.99...maybe $7.99. As my priest said during training to become a Catholic: "There will be a watch yourself."
Taken 5/15 in $2 shirt from the
local laundry. Who knew they
sold such stylish clothes?
SOURCE: The Moral Premise Storycraft Training episodes listed below were originally developed for live workshops presented at conferences across the United States, most notably in Los Angeles and S.E. Michigan. 

The training offers extended and updated material based on my Hollywood story structure book: The Moral Premise: Harnessing Virtue and Vice for Box Office Success and years of story, script, and manuscript consulting.  Ideally, the first 10 workshops should be taken in order. 

The episodic presentations are divided into bit size video chunks for easy assimilation. 

TARGET AUDIENCE: Professional and amateur writers, directors, producers, and storytellers (as well as consumers) of all media and genres will find this Storycraft material helpful.

MEDIA FOCUS: The lessons focus particularly on major motion pictures and occasionally clips from the same for ease of illustration. The episodes predominately contain many colorful graphics that ease learning of sometimes hard to grasp concepts. 

Your feedback is welcome. Write me:

Thank you for participating.

May all your stories Vanquish Fear, Bestow Hope and Establish Happiness