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Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Package - All 10 Storycraft Programs

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EPISODE NO. 1-20   LENGTH: 408-min.   SLIDES: 268   CLIPS: 32

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ALSO AVAILABLE: The 10 programs are also available individually. Scroll below for information and trailers on each program.

PREREQUISITES: Take the programs in order 1-10.

DESCRIPTION: The trailer for the entire package is a free episode that briefly summarizes the 18 Secrets of Successful Stories. (Click on image above.)

The Moral Premise Storycraft Training series provides practical understanding of the Natural Laws of Story Telling as they pertain to structure and how audiences emotionally connect with a story's characters. The training applies to any media type and genre, although for illustration purposes motion pictures are used for examples.

The series is based on Stan Williams' book THE MORAL PREMISE: HARNESSING VIRTUE AND VICE FOR BOX OFFICE SUCCESS, as well as Stan's workshops and story and script consulting work in Hollywood since 2006. The series is composed of 10 programs or Episodes that link 20 separate videos. Together they deliver the core content from Stan's two-day workshop, but condense the material into about 7-hours of content delivery.

Consistently structuring a story around a true moral premise is the crux of all successful stories. In these ten episodes (and 20 videos) Dr. Williams explains how irony, hooks, log lines, a conflict of values, character traits, dramatic beats, over all structure, a moment of grace, and character transformation are designed into the arcs of characters, plots and subplots.

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