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Monday, May 29, 1995

7. Act 2 Beats & Casablanca

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EPISODE NO. 7   VIDEO PARTS: 3   LENGTH: 59-min   SLIDES: 25   CLIPS: 10
PREREQUSITES: Episodes 1-6
DESCRIPTION: This episode explains Act 2 beats: Threshold Crossing, B-Story, Pinch Point A, Pinch Point B, and Act 2 Climax/Near Death. (The Moment of Grace is reserved to another Episode.) It provides example from two motion pictures (Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, and Casablanca). A special feature of Parts 2 & 3 is the macro breakdown, with example clips, of all of CASABLANCA's 8 major turning points from Act 1 through Act 3.

SPECIFICALLY, this program covers:
-- Secrets to Successful Stories 11, 13 and 16
-- Turning Point Beats vs. Sequence Beats
-- Act 1 Climax and Act 2 B-story start beats
-- Act 1-2 and Act 2-3 transitions in The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship....
-- The Eight major turning point beats in Casablanca
-- The  Mid-Act 2 Beats in Casablanca
-- Beat contribution to the story's emotional Roller Coaster
-- The difference between Protagonist and Antagonist beats
-- Act 2 Climax and Act 3 transition in The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship...

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