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Monday, May 27, 1996

6. Act 1 Beats

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EPISODE NO. 6    VIDEO PARTS: 1   LENGTH: 21-min   SLIDES: 20   CLIPS: 4
PREREQUSITES: Episodes 1-5
DESCRIPTION: This episode explains and provides examples for the critical story beats found in Act 1: First/Last Image, Life Before, The Inciting Incident, Rejecting the Journey, Act 1 Climax, and Crossing the Threshold.

SPECIFICALLY, this program covers:
-- How story structure is part of Natural Law of Life's Structure
-- The importance (with examples) of the First and Last Image
-- Why visual storytelling is important, even in novels.
-- Two examples of the Inciting Incident and why it's important
-- The Act 1 Climax beat from Ratatouille's co-protagonists.
-- Crossing the Threshold Beat in Harry Potter's Sorcerer's Stone

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