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Tuesday, May 27, 1997

5. The Evolution of Story Structure

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PREREQUSITES: Episodes 1-4
DESCRIPTION: This episode explains the development of story structure in order to create an emotional roller coaster ride for your audience or reader. The episode focuses on the traditional 3-act, 13-beats of successful stories, but also describes alternative beats that are based on the human condition and result in act structures of 5, 7 and 12.

SPECIFICALLY, this program covers:
-- Secrets to Successful Stories 11 & 16
-- How story structure evolved
-- The critical dramatic beats of a 30-second story
-- How the placement and character of beats are determined
-- The three disasters of a novel
-- The three parts of all stories
-- The 13 traditional macro beats of a successful motion picture or novel
-- How to solve a "slow middle"
-- How the 13 macro beats and Pinch Points create a perfect roller coaster
-- The psychological and physical roller coaster of a story
-- How to create a roller coaster with a spread sheet
-- Five alternative story structures

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