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Wednesday, June 1, 1994

8. The Moment of Grace (The Midpoint)

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PREREQUSITES: Episodes 1-7
DESCRIPTION:  This 53-minute, two-part,  workshop  presentation by Dr. Stan Williams, explains and shows examples of the The Moment of Grace (MOG) in successful and not so successful motion pictures. The MOG is the main plot's mid-point. It's the scene where the truth of the Moral Premise is realized by the Protagonist and he or she changes their motivations, and thus changes their arc. Examples are shown from Lord of the Rings, A Beautiful Mind, Liar! Liar!,What Women Want, Ratatouille,  and Aronofsky' Noah.

SPECIFICALLY, this program covers:
-- The 12 and 13th Secrets of Successful Stories
-- How the Moment of Grace defines all plot arcs
-- Why the protagonist's Moment of Grace is at the mid-point
-- How other Moments of Grace can be just about anywhere.
-- Examples of the Moment of Grace in A Beautiful Mind, Liar! Liar!, Ratatouille, What Women Want, Lord of the Rings: Fellowship and Noah.
-- Compares and contrasts the two Moments of Grace in Noah.

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