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Sunday, May 30, 1993

9. Act 3 Beats

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PREREQUSITES: Episodes 1-8
DESCRIPTION: Episode 9: The Moral Premise Storycraft Training series. This 28-min workshop presentation by Dr. Stan Williams, explains and shows examples of the major beats in Act 3: The Dark Night of the Soul, The Resurrection Beat, The Final Incident, The Act 3 Climax and Final Hand-to-hand combat, and the Denouement. It features clips from Lord of the Rings:  Fellowship of the Ring, Die Hard, and Where the Heart Is.

SPECIFICALLY, this program covers:
-- The major protagonist beats in Act 3 listed above
-- The Dark Night of the Soul from Lord of the Rings: Fellowship...
-- The Resurrection Beat from Die Hard
-- When and when not to place a Moment of Grace in Act 3
-- How Act 3 can hold the secret to a character's Wish Fulfillment
-- The Final Incident from Where the Heart is
-- The Hand-to-hand combat and Act 3 Climax in Where the Heart Is
-- The Denouement from Where the Heart Is

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