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Sunday, May 21, 2000

2. Hooks, Log Lines & the Conflict of Values

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EPISODE NO. 2    VIDEO PARTS: 3   LENGTH: 53-min   SLIDES: 30   CLIPS: 0
DESCRIPTION: This episode explains the first three secrets of all successful stories, and three of the Moral Premises' Story Fundamentals: Ironic Hooks, Log lines, and the motivational Conflict of Values. These are critical to the success of all stories if they are to connect with audiences. Getting these three secrets and fundamentals right will speed your writing and help ensure your audience connects emotionally with your characters.

SPECIFICALLY, this course covers:

  • The first three secrets of successful stories
  • The six Story Fundamentals you need to know before you begin to write.
  • The four elements of a ironic hook
  • The five critical ingredients of a Log Line
  • The alternative four questions every log line needs to answer
  • The four word outline of every successful tory's structure.
  • The five elements of a motivating conflict of values
  • How to incorporate linguistic ironic conflict in sentence structure
  • The structural difference between redemptive and tragic stories.

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1 comment:

  1. Having read Stan's book THE MORAL PREMISE a few years ago, I found the video to be a great refresher. It was especially helpful as I worked out some plot/character issues on a recent book proposal. Eventually I hope to obtain all of Stan's training videos!