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Friday, May 21, 1999

3. The Moral Premise Statement

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EPISODE NO. 3    VIDEO PARTS: 2   LENGTH: 35-min   SLIDES: 25   CLIPS: 3
PREREQUSITES: Episodes 1-2
DESCRIPTION: This episode explains the organic basis of of the Moral Premise Statement, how it is constructed, how it is used, and how it focuses all the creative elements in a movie, novel or play so all the plots and subplots are about one thing. We also show clips from two films as examples.

SPECIFICALLY, this program covers:

-- The three characteristics of conveying Verisimilitude
-- The realms of reality that must coincide
-- How values drive action
-- How consequences change values
-- The four elements of a valid Moral Premise statement
-- How the moral premise is often articulated in a movie
-- The box office difference between a true and false moral premise
-- The intimate relationship between psychological and physical spines
-- The difference between Redemptive and Tragic arcs
-- How the moral premise is illustrated in DIE HARD
-- The 13 ways a story can consistently be about one thing

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1 comment:

  1. Having read Stan's book THE MORAL PREMISE a few years ago, I felt I had a good general understanding of the concept. However, the video proved a great refresher and helped me rethink the various elements of a proposal I was working on. I have a feeling I'll be viewing these training videos regularly to keep the concepts fresh in my mind.